Pas de base West Coast Swing

Découvrez le Pas de Base de West Coast Swing

Vous allez vous en servir en permanence car il vous permettra de relier toutes les figures entre elles…

En avant pour le Sugar Push !

Bonne Découverte !



Ce Cours est issu de notre site dans lequel vous pouvez retrouver de très nombreuses autres figures de West Coast Swing,

Il vous suffit de cliquer ici pour y accéder directement !


Nous vous avons sélectionné quelques morceaux pour faciliter votre apprentissage

Ils sont classé par Tempo et il vous suffit de cliquer dessus pour les écouter !


Comment les Télécharger ?


Plusieurs d’entre Vous m’ont demandé comment obtenir ces Morceaux…

En cliquant sur le Morceau, vous arrivez directement sur Amazon

C’est le plus grand Supermarché en Ligne au monde et le plus sécurisé…

Votre Panier se remplit au fur et à mesure de vos choix…

Un fois vos morceaux choisis, et pour votre 1ère Commande

Je vous conseille de Télécharger le Logiciel Amazon MP3 Downloader   ( gratuit )

En passant par ce logiciel, vous verrez apparaître votre panier, il suffit de le régler

Vos musiques arriveront directement sur  Amazon MP3 Downloader, avec une excellente qualité

Il vous suffit ensuite de les renommer avec le Tempo et le style de danse

Vous pouvez ensuite les reclasser dans votre Disque Dur …

Me Concernant, je les transfère sur Itunes, puis sur l’Ipad…

Vous connaissez la suite…

Je trouve ce service très pratique, et l’utilise très souvent, c’est la raison pour laquelle je vous le conseille

  • les Morceaux sont transférables autant de fois que vous voulez…
  • Le tarif est très Economique
  • La qualité est Excellente
  • C’est LEGAL et respectueux des Auteurs Compositeurs…, ce qui nous permettra de continuer à avoir de nouvelles Musiques …

J’espère vous avoir aidé avec ces quelques Conseils…

Si vous avez le moindre soucis, vous savez où me trouver …


Laisser moi un Commentaire ou une Demande , c’est toujours super sympa et on adore !




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    Best: Fremantle: N Fyfe, D Mundy, N Suban, H Ballantyne, T Mzungu, L Spurr. Greater Western Sydney: T Greene, C Ward, A Tomlinson, D Shiel, L Whitfield, S Mumford.

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    In the past, models were expected to wear black, tight clothing with their hair tidy or slicked back. However, in recent years, the dress code has become more relaxed. If a client has a particular « vibe, » it can be worth dressing in that style to hel…

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    Partly, too, he does it because he can. Glass attributes his good health, musical and physical, to yoga, which he has practised since his twenties. « Look, I’m 77, » he exclaims. « I’m still playing music. I tour, I practise. I don’t have any choice…

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    If you come across any rule violations please report the submission or message the mods and one of us will remove it!

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    Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. more >>?Freeman comments on What is the most George Constanza

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    CRIME: Police say parents’ drug filled swingers parties endangered kids

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    Jalandhar, a city that was never a pit stop for DJs (it possessively clung to Punjabi folk and classical) is now rocking to tunes from all over the world. All thanks to a handful of DJs, especially Vivek Uppal (VGROOVES), the 21 year old multi talented…

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    limit my search to /r/socceruse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details.

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    Most of all, intensive new civics lessons will try to explain why the principle of « secularity » or separation of church and state enshrined in French law since 1905 should not be seen as an attack on religion but a guarantee of equal rights for all r…

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    Alexandre Marcel, president of the Comit Idaho, told The Local: « It’s a small amount to pay for calling for the death of homosexuals. » The top 10 gay friendly travel destinations

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    Ballet Flats: These are flat shoes with rounded toes that resemble ballet slippers. They are comfortable and can be worn made of satin for dress or done in more casual fabrics. Katie Holmes is often seen in a ballet flat.

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    Barcelona hotels: The Big Six

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    Having said that as a general rule you will find better cat foods at proper pet food supply stores, not grocery stores. The brands listed by PetCaretaker are all good.

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    If there is any quality that separates the successful person from the failure, it is persistence; Not talent, not ability, not education. And over and over I have been told by some big name people how hard the struggles were to reach the top.

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    His story really made me think; how much do we really want success? How much blood are we willing to give? What kind of a price are you willing to pay for that elusive dream that captivates and mesmerizes you?

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    It been seven years since the sitcom Friends went off the air. But such a great sitcom still remains fresh in our memory. The legacy of this sitcom has lived on an on. In particular, the six actors started to be known through the sitcom. Today I like t…

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    She also suggests diners always order sauce on the side. Adding your own judicious drizzle will help curb sodium and calories.

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    The planned trajectory west was blocked by Box Hill, east of Bath, so Brunel went straight through it. Work began at either end with separate contractors. When they met, the alignment was only two inches adrift. When Box Tunnel opened in 1841, it was t…

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    Fremantle announced its return to the top four for the first time since round two with a 83 point smashing of Brisbane at Patersons Stadium on Saturday night.

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    The idea of « dynamic scoring » is not without merit, but the House’s vision has eyes only for tax cuts. Spending on things like roads and bridges also produces economic benefits. So does improving the workforce. Universal education is what made Ameri…

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    Animation studio Laika specialises in creepy animations about outsiders who defy the « mob mentality ». In this case it’s Eggs (voiced by Isaac Hempstead Wright), who has been brought up by a community of jolly Boxtrolls living under the streets of Ch…

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    Half term also offers kids the perfect time to snack on unhealthy food, loaded with salt, fat and sugar. While I too enjoy these foods, I know how hard my Mum had to work to get me to eat something healthy.

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    Everything they given us has been pretty lazy. This video is like one step above the quality you expect from your average fan video. Both songs are not noteworthy at all in the pantheon of Modest Mouse tracks, and I haven yet heard one classic awesome…

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    Like Bedi, who finds Modi to be the most beautiful face Udit Raj too has extolled Modi virtues. Of course in a language less flowery than Bedi After joining the BJP, Udit Raj had said that Modi growing clout would do what the Congress has not done in 1…

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    Lester, a fourth generation Torontonian, said it has been rewarding to take on the project, despite the enormous pressure on reputation that the Games spotlight brings.

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    All posts must contain enough information to start a discussion on reddit (such as a summary of a news story or article excerpt).

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    « Today, there are some fears and a lot of sadness, but at the same time this tragedy has united people around the importance of being able to express yourself freely. » Rousteing told WWD.

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    These, however, were Pulitzer level tasks compared with the worst summer job in the world: selling roses in the bars and clubs of the West Country. Yes, reader, I was that idiot in the smock who interrupted your fun evening to try to flog you a wilting…

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    Ever experienced the dilemma of whether to buy a highly raved cosmetic product, unsure of whether it will work its magic on your skin or bring that dreaded torrent of zits to your flawless skin?

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    Perhaps, he is still waiting to be inducted in Prime Minister Narendra Modi cabinet. Not that he said so when we met, but his nursing ambitions of leading from the front are in order.

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    Fleury Merogis is what’s known as a supersize or titan prison; it holds nearly 4,000 prisoners and is the biggest prison in Europe. And that, say officials, is a perfect setting in which radicalization can occur.

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    Conserving energy during your shower time doesn have to mean major changes or sacrifices. Taking a shorter shower, even by a matter of minutes, on a consistent basis is one way to conserve water and live your daily apartment life in an eco friendly way…

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    Follow your dentist recommendations for toothpaste use. Many recommend only wetting the brush with water for the first year and then using a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste after that, though some urge waiting until age 2.

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