Renovated Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (, scam

Renovated Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (, scam

Two new companies Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management – AGAM (, have emerged from Questra Holdings Inc (

After the information about scammers went beyond Runet (Russian and Ukrainian part of the Internet), and in order to promote themselves in the EU, scammers made the next move – they closed the offshore dupe-a-matic Questra Holdings Inc (and the website and reformed to work in the EU by launching the parent company Atlantic Global Asset Management, or AGAM ( in abbreviated form, and allegedly, an advertising broker in Spain – this time in Madrid, not in Murcia ( Now an offshore scam, which is allegedly based in Cape Verde, accepts investments, and the second (based in Madrid, Spain) is engaged exclusively in advertising, and has nothing to do with investments, deceit and fraud. People have been hired to act as directors (the way Pestyuk and Prochukhan like it), and the scam is now ‘in full bloom’ in the EU:
A similar scheme was already used in Ukraine by Konstantin Mamchur, who was promoting the scam Questra Holdings Inc. He disguised as ‘Club of the Merry and Inventive’; now, this scheme of risk and scam delegation has been made for the whole Questra scam:

Why would Pestyuk and Prochukhan make such a decision? They solved a number of problems at a stroke:
– Questra Holdings Inc was launched without much hope of success, which is why its office in Murcia (as proven on our website) was very quickly discredited;
– Investors soon found out that the offshore (i.e. Questra Holdings Inc) had no right to work in the market of debt obligations in the EU, and they are not permitted under the law on debt collectors; the scammers tried to change the type of activity to IPO, investments in land, roads – but there was already a ‘fly in the ointment’, and the investors realized Questra Holdings Inc was a financial pyramid at its finest;
– Questra Holdings Inc and the creators blew it with the directors. There was a list of persons and names on the Questra Holdings Inc website, which in reality had nothing to do with the scam (we will remind this story below);
– Those people who opened an office in Murcia were afraid of publicity, because their faces and names were known to everyone, so they refused from maintaining the office in Murcia – it had to be hastily closed (we are referring to the hired managers Ekaterina Levitskaya and her husband Evgeny Dudka, who did not want to be punished for creating a financial pyramid in Spain);
– The EU financial regulators FSMA and FMA started pressing on the Questra Holdings Inc scam (which even formally could not prove its activities; on the same site, they were promoting investments and the affiliate program MLM)
– in Europe, MLM cannot work under this scheme, when the same company provides the MLM affiliate program (work) and is also a financial pyramid. Legislation in the EU is more complex; this can be tolerated only in the CIS (Ukraine, Russia – not so easily, and Kazakhstan), but not in the EU:

Warning by FSMA:

However, this did not save the scammers; two new companies were almost immediately recognized as financial pyramid schemes and scams by the financial regulator FMA; Questra World in FMA:

Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM in FMA:

In many EU countries, the activities of scammers are banned at the state level, but they conceal this information from their partners:
The National Bank ofSloveniaUpozornenie NBS na činnosť spoločnosti Questra
Financial regulatorsin the UK (London)Questra World (17.02.2017) and Atlantic Global Asset Management (17.02.2017)
The National Bank ofthe Czech RepublicUpozorneni na aktivity Questra World a Atlantic Global Asset Management (22.02.2017) and Upozornenie NBS na cinnost spolocnosti Questra (22.02.2017)
Financial regulators of Belgium – Warnings of the Financial Services and Markets Authority (23.09.2016)
Financial regulators of AustriaQuestra World Ltd (27.10.2016) and Atlantic Global Asset Management, SA (27.10.2016)

Let us recall, in case you have forgotten – Questra Holdings Inc messed up with the dummy directors of its Spanish branch in Murcia by using random photos from the internet; apart from not being directors in Questra Holdings Inc, these people were not even aware of it, about which investors warned in advance:

Of course, someone had to maintain the new office of the new Questra World’s scam in Spain; to somehow stick with the legend, it was necessary to rent an office, hire people, hire the so-called public people, who would present the company in public (as you may know, during their previous scams, Pestyuk and Prochukhan hired actors – so it is the same principle); this part was given to Konstantin Mamchur, who went ‘on vacation in Madrid’ in summer; a month later, he appeared in Questra World’s office in Madrid in an unusual way – undoubtedly, he was the one to open it. We hope that the Spanish police will investigate this pyramid and interrogate the Questra World team, and especially its ‘directors’, and the truth will come out:

Questra World promotional brochure:

Atlantic Global Asset Management AGAM (
The activities the scam would engage according to the scammers! Although all the information provided in the screenshots is nothing but a lie, both about 2009 and the license (which entitles the company to work ONLY in Cape Verde, and nowhere else), just as all of its work activities; with a probability of 99%, there is no office in Cape Verde:

The directors, hired by scammers for the Questra World ( scame publicity after the office in Murcia was shut down and the dummy Questra Holdings Inc directors were exposed on the forums:

Another screwup: Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (, with investments in an operating company:

Lies about the fund: One of Atlantic Global Asset Management Investment Fund’s activities is recovery of companies on the verge of bankruptcy. Thus, this year we saved an airline from bankruptcy. In the summer of 2016, the fund acquired debt securities of a small airline TACV Cabo-Verde Airlines. This is the only carrier with a full first class license in Cape Verde. At the time of the transaction, the company was in critical condition. The fund bought it all. After the purchase, a thorough audit and a complete restructuring of the company was carried out, and preparations began for the IPO. The most famous investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, were involved. After the IPO, the value of the company would grow at times. Then it would be possible to sell it to some portfolio investor – for example, Chinese. As a result, profitability of the transaction as calculated by the company's experts would be 300-500%. Thus, no one would come off the loser: jobs would be saved, and our investors would profit. 

In reality, the IPO for TACV Cabo-Verde Airlines was conducted as far back as in 2006 (Sterling Merchant Finance, Ltd. (Washington, USA) – company, which conducted the IPO), and it successfully trades on the Stock Exchange of Cape Verde to this day. The financial pyramid Atlantic Global Asset Management in no way could have bought the company, nor to repeatedly conduct IPO; and of course, no documents or papers were shown for this transaction. Откровенный обман с целью оправдать цель привлечения денег у бедных инвесторов. Факт проверяется по ссылкам TACV,,

Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management ( и are different sides of the same coin, which is actually worthless – they are legal sides of the scam.

In February, the scammers were not long in coming, and they brought out heavy artillery again:

We are very interested in investors from China and India. And we boldly learn and establish cooperation. In 2017, AGAM will officially enter the Asian market in such countries as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. In this regard, AGAM has registered an official representation in the UK. In June 2017, an office is to be opened in London. AGAM has bought its own bank, which will issue credit cards for its investors.

That’s right, neither more nor less – ‘bought its own bank.’ It's a pity that no name, no jurisdiction, no license number, and not even country of the bank purchase has been specified.

Fraud with offices, legal persons and directors:
The fund’s President Antonino Vieira Robalo is allegedly the president of Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM; he is dark-skinned, as pictured above. But, for example, in the article Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management Enter Africa Market (the scammers’ official press release), we see a different Antonino Vieira Robalo – a white man; so who is the actual president of the fictitious fund and who signs contracts on its behalf? And whom the scammers show to investors and their accomplices at presentations? Has anyone checked the ‘president's’ passport? Or whether responsibility for the contract will be borne by a formally not existing person, who is not really related to Cape Verde and to Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM, in general? Another scam by Prochukhan, Pestyuk, and Kravtsov.

It is worth noting that the agreements sent by scammers are supposed to originate from ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, S.A., Cabo Verde. Tax number 272198501 – that is, from Cape Verde, where Fund President Antonino Vieira Robalo actually seats and signs those agreements, but alas, the agreements come from Spain (Madrid), where the scammers’ advertising broker Questra World SL em Espanha is located; it has nothing to do with investment agreements and the investing, but quite the opposite. Who signs letters on behalf of the ‘president’ in Madrid? We don’t know; apparently, it is another person hired by scammers, the same man as in Madrid – in the office of Questra World SL em Espanha:

The second public figure is Andrey Andreevich Abakumov, Director General of Atlantic Global Asset Management – a very exciting personality; we have dedicated a detailed article to him.шаблоны для dle 11.2


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